Brave browser cannot choose folder for download

Hello all
my Brave browser on Kubuntu latest (both) does not let me correctly choose the folder I want to download to or attach from. I have 4 partitions outside of “/” and none are accessible. /etc/fstab is correct and firefox / Chromium has no issues with this.

This is the only thing keeping me from using Brave full time. And switching browsers all the time so I can download or attch is a pain. Using the default /home/downloads is not an option!

Any help greatly appreciated.

To demonstrate:

  1. Screenshot is from FF or Chromium (Latest):

  2. Screenshot is from Brave (latest):

Hope this makes it a bit clearer.


No one?? What is the point if I can’t attch files and download files?

Still no one??? Very disappointing.
By the state of replies here, this community does not seem very active/helpful. What a shame.

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