Folder where Brave Storage Passwords and Bookmarks

I changed my laptop hdd. I am using the old one like external storage. My OS is Linux 20.10
I can not find my bookmarks nor passwords
Where can I find them?
Thank you

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Thank you for reaching out. Can you clarify whether or not you’ve uninstalled the browser on the old HDD? If you have not, you can simply export both your bookmarks and your passwords from the browser directly.

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I did the “Export” with the bookmarks. I thought “passwords” came with that. But no.
So now I am trying to find the passwords in the old hdd (now external)
I already changed the HDD. New OS Ubuntu 20.10
The old one had linux ubuntu also, I am using it now like external, connected with USB

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I did not uninstall the browser in the old HDD. But now I have only access to the directories as an external storage

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If you go into the .config/brave-browser folder (on your old HDD), you can just copy the entire profile folder (note that if you only ever had one browser profile created, it will likely be labeled Default) and replace the one that is created upon installing the browser again. Copy Default from old HDD, on new HDD, navigate to ~/brave-browser, find the newly installed Default folder, then copy/paste/replace it with your old one. All you data should be transferred over.

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I can find .config/brave-browser
Where is that folder ?

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On your OS, open the Terminal application and enter: cd .config then press enter. The BraveSoftware directory can be found here.

Just did terminal check and it doesnt exist No matter how I enter it

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