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Brave Version: 1.46.144

Are the chromium experimental features supported here?

I have some issues about the “tab scrolling” option in which you can alter tab width.

One setting is “tabs don’t shrink”. Unlike Chrome, where the close tab button is persistent, with Brave, only a tab mouse hover induces the close button, and the last tab on the right shows no button even with the mouse hover. The tab can only be closed thru the context menu.

Also, when this feature is used, the pinned tabs aren’t visible unless you scroll all the way to the left. They also don’t appear here

pinned tabs missing

Yes, chromium experimental features are supported. The experimental features supported by Brave are located at brave://flags. Tab scrolling (#scrollable-tabstrip) is in the list.

I use win10. When I enable “tabs don’t shrink” in brave://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip, only the focused tab displays the close button. Unfocused tabs only display the close button on mouse hover and the last tab on the right shows the close button on mouse hover. To me this makes sense and could help prevent closing the wrong tab in error.

The only instance where the close button does not display in the last tab on the right is if the full tab is not displayed. If I use the scroll right arrow to display the end of the tab, then the close button does display on mouse hover. I do think this is awkward and it would be convenient if the scrolling resized in some way to display only full tabs, but I do not think this is an option.

All my pinned tabs are visible. I use the scroll bar if I have a lot of my grouped tabs expanded and a pinned tab is not displaying. They are also displayed in the search tabs/open tabs list (Ctrl+Shift+A). I do not know why they would be missing for you.

In general, it looks like my experience is similar to yours in some ways but there are differences. I do not know why that would be, especially the issues of visibility of pinned tabs and the missing tabs in the open tabs list. Sorry I can’t help, just wanted to let you know that these issues are not reproducible on my system.

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, it does appear that your experience is different than mine.

Tab bar scrolled fully to the right, no close button

Pinned tabs not displayed on search tabs/open tabs list (see pinned tab on tab bar far left). Also, I just realized that the first two tabs directly to the right of the pinned tab are not displayed on the search tabs/open tabs list as well

I hope someone will chime in here about that.

Also, I don’t understand the way pinned tabs are handled in Brave. IMO, they should always be visible/persistent on the tab bar, just as they are in Firefox.

Having to scroll perhaps 100’s of tabs to the left to reveal pinned tabs kinda diminishes and defeats their purpose of being conveniently accessible, not to mention there unavailability (at least for me) on the search tabs/open tabs list

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I definitely like the idea of pinned tabs always being visible on the tab bar. I also wonder if a scroll up/down function and/or stacked tab bars would be more convenient. I don’t know how difficult it would be to change anything programing wise, but it could be a feature request!

Just wondering if you have tried clearing history/cache for all time or, if you have any extensions, try disabling extensions and see if any behaviors change. May have a glitch that just needs to cleared.

I just discovered that if you select "Tab shrink to a large width, the problem is solved. Hover to bring up close button on inactive tabs, no mouse hover necessary on the active tab, Close button persistent on active tab

brave tabs shrink large

brave active tab no close button2

Thanks for all the advice.

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Yeah! Glad you found a solution to your issue.

You should mark your above post as the solution. It will help other community members and support staff know your issue is solved.

Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had tab scrolling activated and set to large and all was well. Opened up Brave this morning and there are NO scroll controls. At all.

Not even if I reset the setting and then restart the browser. Without tab scrolling Brave is useless to me as a browser. I often have several hundred tabs open. If I cannot scroll them I cannot use this browser.

And why did they just stop working all of a sudden?

Actually as I am now going about my day I just want to scream. I have incorporated Brave into my processes and now it is all broken. Completely broken.

My day is now completely f…d

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