Tabs Closer not visible nor switching further tabs automatically

After opening multiple tabs, not visible tabs close, as well as not visible further open tabs nor automatically switch to new tabs.

Kindly fix this on

STOP ENABLING FLAGS and then making threads for issues YOU cause and clowning around the forum with your ‘kindly fix’…

You enabled the Tab Scrolling flags… and it obviously doesn’t work correctly in Brave, especially Vertical Tabs which is not even a Chromium feature, it is not a flag that should be use it with Brave.

Just like Refresh 2023… so maybe start using the brain and DISABLE IT.

And this is also causing the “it doesn’t work with Vertical tabs” you are just spamming problems you are causing for enabling random flags you shouldn’t enable in the first place, reason why they are called EXPERIMENTAL, they either work or not.
And the issues with tab Scrolling were reported in Github already, if they are not fixed by now, it means they are not priority.

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