Set up additional functionality - scroll in the open tabs

Hello. Enabled in the browser settings so that many tabs fit and scroll in the tabs, without shrinking to such a view that the icons of the sites are not visible. There is a problem - when I close a tab, I am thrown to the beginning of all tabs and this is annoying, I need to scroll the open tabs again to return to the right “end” of the open tabs. What else needs to be enabled or disabled so that after closing the tab everything remains in place? I hope the translator translated everything correctly and clearly.

I using functionality brave://flags/

  • Tab Scrolling

Enables tab strip to scroll left and right when full. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Fuchsia

And Switched to disable mode - my 150 open tabs simply do not fit, only 100 tabs are visible, the remaining 50 are hidden on the right, they begin to “appear” on the right side only when the visible tabs are closed. They appear one at a time, when one is closed … I use 3 windows and in one there are under 150 open tabs. In general, the situation is not typical, but there is such a nuance. I found for a long time only such a way to accommodate more tabs in one window, but closing the tabs on the right (at the slightest scroll from the beginning of the tabs) - automatically flips - “scrolls” to the very left side of all open tabs. Every time I have to scroll to the right again, closing the last tabs…

I am not seeing this issue, at least on Windows. Do you have other Flags or extensions enabled that could be affecting the behavior?

One thing that I have found very handy is an extension like QuickTabs and under brave://extensions/shortcuts , assigning a keystroke to ‘Switch to Older tab’ and I can very quickly flip to whatever tab I was on previously; or in the case where one is closed, it will flip to the one that was open immediately before the tab I just closed. Maybe something like that would help work around this issue, if you don’t find any other solution.

(Of course the usual still applies: make sure you’re running latest Brave, etc.)

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