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I was updated to 0.57.18 a couple of days ago and while the UI does seem to be a lot more responsive, the way that tabs are handled seems to be a step backwards.

Is there any way to get the old tab grouping back? There does not seem to be anything in the options that relates to this.

When more tabs are opened than can fit on the menu bar, the tabs continue off-screen to the right. If you have one of these off-screen tabs selected, I would expect this tab to be visible on the menu bar, however this does not happen. Brave does seem to handle it in the same way as Chrome, but it is frustrating from a usability perspective. If there isn’t any way to reintroduce the previous tab-handling behaviour, is there a way to change how tab overflow is handled?


I am having the same issue! Also, in the old version if I was working on one tab I could hover over another open tab and see its webpage without having to click on the tab. This wonderful feature seems to have disappeared in the new version. :frowning_face:


This is a feature parity that will be implemented later on. We have an issue for this and can be tracked here

I have added +1 on your behalf


Thanks for letting me know, however it doesn’t seem overly promising that the issue has been open for over a year. I do overall like the move to Chromium, but I feels like it highlights more that Brave could simply be implemented as a Chrome extension.


We have identified the parity that needs to be implemented but its just not on the priority list. There are other major features that has higher preferences than some.

Please give this this thread a read and you will see the differences.



Tab functionality has been a MAJOR highlight beyond security of this browser for a long time. Those involved in research, use lots of tabs and as it - the browser is almost useless.



@Brave team – the tab sets and tab hover preview functionality were a deciding factor for many users. Is there an ETA when these features will be back in Brave?


Its on the roadmap but not on priority list right now


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