Evil trackkers and ad blocking clear up

  1. what exactly and specifically is in setttings ‘trackers / ad blocking’ blocking, its unclear what exactly its blocking

  2. are there any very detail links explaining this?

  3. is ‘trackers / ad blocking’ include ‘cookies trackers or they dont’? if it includes cookies, why is there a seperate ‘Block cookies’ settings?

  4. if it doesnt include ‘cookies’, how could ‘trackers / ad blocking’ be blocking trackers since cookies track?

  5. what specifically and exactly does each of the options ‘aggressive’ and ‘standard’ block when it comes to trackers / ads? is there a list somewhere?

1.) There is a small number beside ‘tracker sland ad blocker’. Click that number and you will see what tracker and ads are blocked.

2.) https://brave.com/shields/

3.) No they do not include cookie blocking. People are tracked by two ways, by trackers and by cookies (specifically third party cookies). Brave already blocks all third party cookies by default. And blocks 90% trackers on standard mode and 99% trackers in aggressive mode.

4.) Cookies are not the only thing used for tracking. Tracking scripts work independently of cookies.

5.) As far as I know, not all 1p (1st party) scripts are blocked in standard mode (eg., ads on google search) while in aggressive mode 1p scripts are blocked (no ads on google search).


‘And blocks 90% trackers on standard mode and 99% trackers in aggressive mode.’

where do we see that its 90 and 99, thats not said in the #1 or #2 links/info

‘Brave already blocks all third party cookies by default’

do not know whats brave defaults are, but thats would break tons of sites, esp google


looks like this industry has a terminogly problem, whoever made up this word and use it shouldve used a different word thean 'trackers ’ then

#1 #2 #5

i guess that the basic things looked for - a complete and full list - saying what the world these settings / options do doesnt exist, all these apps/software… sigh… been a long time a month or w/e and nobody knows, and the brave ppl that knows never ansewred

Anecdotal evidence (from my and other observation).

No they do not. Or you and other would have reported it by now.
Brave knew that outright blocking thrid party cookies will break sign-ins. So they made a workaround for such google cookies called ‘Ephemeral storage’

Do go through brave privacy blogs posted on their site. You will learn a lot.

‘blocking thrid party cookies will break sign-ins.’

is it the case basically that brave is only one that has these new form of ‘cookies’ that dont break logins when blocking third party?

and that any other broswer would break login when third party cookies are blocked

settings/options dont have any info or indication that its using any new form of cookies so users wont know that its a bit different than other browsers or works a bit differently

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