Brave will tell you how many of each category (trackers, cookies, etc) are blocked, but

Is there some convenient place to see exactly what, perhaps using control+shift+I?

As it might be with AdBlock Plus?

Using the arrow left of the blocked number of ads & trackers will bring up a window with all blocked scripts.

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We do combine Easylist, Easyprivacy, and the uBO lists. But there is a mix of ads/trackers in uBO lists, Not easy to say which is which. ABP has limited scope on what lists is added by default


Thank you, exactly what I needed.

Thank you.
That is good to know. Also, this ==> brave://adblock/

Added custom filter.
|| <== Supress YouTube animated thumbnails

Otherwise the Brave defaults are working for me just fine, but sometimes I like to know exactly what is being blocked so I can be more narrow focus in allowing the occasional exception.

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