Question about settings

In settings on tracker blockers, when you pick ‘aggressive’ what does it do, is there a help page somewhere of what all options do?

on ‘block finger printing’, when you pick ‘strict’ on settings what exactly does it do? What exactly is blocked? is there a help page somewhere of what all options do?

whats ‘1p’ and ‘3p’
it doesnt say anything about that in settings

how could there be settings/options without any explanation or details, that doesnt make any sense

‘Many websites break if you block’

havent really seen that happen yet, but that could explain a google site

only blocked third-party stuff and not first-party, for the same reason, it was until like 3 years ago when they added 1p,

questions wasnt anything about cookies
i dont understand how this relates to questions asked
are we saying that ‘agreesive’ blocks both 3rd and 1st party cookies?

but there’s a separate settings for cookies

Trackers & ads blocking should be about other things

‘a lot of information about you’

eh… no not really its extremely basic info, only if you have advertising cookies would there be ‘a lot of info’ sent to companies

‘couple years when they created Standard and Aggressive, which can be useful in some websites, mostly big known ones that usually don’t depend on 3p.’

are there no links detailing and explaining this? thats why nobody replied?

i still dont know what these options are doing

how do i make page ‘private’ and hidden like yours, theres no settings in the forum for it

@Emi I’m going off-topic on this, but still wanting to say it. You do a danged good job of explaining things and understanding a lot that people don’t grasp. I’m mentioning this based on replies you’ve shared on Community in the past and help you’ve provided.

If you ever have the spare time, you might want to consider writing something like a guide or even a book. Honestly, if you did write an introductory to filters where you break it down a bit and teach how to do it, I’d probably buy it (assuming you didn’t charge an arm and a leg, lol).

I was starting to go through but, as good as it appears, it still isn’t as simplistic as it should to be good for average User, especially one that’s not used to coding and all.

Guess just saying if you ever get bored, might consider it.

answer was ‘no’ basically

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