Everything i click has the writing line

Everything i click in the browser has this writing line flashing for some reason, and when i say everything i mean it, not just text but images and parts of sites has this line.


Note that this is not a form or a text input, it’s just a text from the brave settings



Everything from images to text has this writing line when i click, this just happens in the browser.

I just installed and reinstalled the browser, put every time it happens.

Version 1.37.111 Chromium: 100.0.4896.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My O.S. is Linux MX (Debian based)

try checking your extensions, u may have extensions which is doing this

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yes, I thought that just me. But I observe this behavior recently with brave…
I disabled brave shield, all extension and scripts… it’s still the same.
(I’m in windows 10 btw…), I think it’s the latest update that cause this one

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i disabled everything but the line still there.

ok update, I opened a new profile and this behavior does not happen there. hmmm :thinking::thinking:
what is going on here… even disabling all extensions and shield does not solve it… there must be something else.

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new update:
it was in fact an issue in chrome way back then

well, I solve mine now. just press F7.


Fantastic! This solved for me. Big Thanks!

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