Blinking cursor on every field of text like in a word processor

If I click on or near any field of text, a blinking cursor appears every single time, including on subtitles on service like Netflix for example, or YouTube. Text is just the most common thing though. If say I click near the text displaying the upload date of a YouTube video to making a blinking cursor there and then press the arrow keys to skip the video forward, it highlights, or selects, or whatever the like button, then the dislike button.
If I click within the video, it will move the blinking cursor onto the end of the timestamp.

I personally find it rather distracting. Any ideas as to what would have caused this. If it’s somehow not a bug and anyone knows a solution, I would appreciate any suggestions.

In case it matters.
Brave version: 1.44.101

Welcome to the community. I think you may have accidentally turned on caret browsing. Try pressing F7 to turn it off.


Hope this applies! Please post an update. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep. That fixed it. lol. Part of me was expecting it to be something simple.


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