Ever since that update awhile back.., Help!

Using Brave Browser Version 1.26 ( as default browser on
iPhone 12Pro, 11Pro, 8, and iPad(7thGeneration) with all devices running iOS 14.6.

Every time I try to open Brave Browser by tapping the icon on Home Page, as well as each time I am redirected to Brave Browser through either a Siri search or from an app or email, the result page that initially appears is completely blank . The only way that I can then force Brave to open is by swiping up the blank page until it goes into the app switching mode and then tapping on the minimized blank page. This causes Brave it to load properly and after doing so, the desired page or result will then come up.
This may sound like a small issue but believe me, it becomes absolutely infuriating when it happens over and over again. How do I fix this problem?
Thank you in advance for any input on this issue.


This has been happening to me repeatedly for the last few weeks as well, though I don’t use Brave as my default iOS browser. Thanks for the tip about simply reopening the minimized window; I had been completely uninstalling and reinstalling Brave to get around this.

EDIT: welp, the app switching trick only worked for me once. Brave immediately crashed when I switched to another app and tried to go back, and tapping the minimized window while in app switching mode won’t do anything.

Thank you for being the first, and so far only person to reply. I am certain this problem is not exclusive to you and I so the lack of response is puzzling. I honestly cannot figure out why this glitch has not been addressed and the fact that it is not the subject of numerous complaints is odd as well. You mentioned that my β€œwork around" did not prove effective for you. The only thing that I would suggest is that you set Brave as your default iOS browser and then see if you have the same result that I have experienced. If I had to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall Brave like you stated you were forced to do, I can confidently say that I would be using a different browser. Actually, I believe this just might be all she wrote for Brave Browser and I. It really is a shame because I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Brave since the year of its inception. The days when Brave was a stand-alone player in the private browser game are over. There are a few exceptional alternatives

A particularly annoying thing about this issue is that uninstalling and reinstalling often didn’t work either, or at least not for long. Would love to see this fixed, but it seems that nobody from the Brave team will even look at this.


Re-Post your concern / issue, and for the Topic, use:

β€œBrave iOS fails to perform Default Browser duties”

Include at least 2 detailed examples / illustrations of such failures.

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