Browser is unusable on ipadOS 17.2.1 (crashes instantly upon open)

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Description of the issue:
when i attempt to open brave, the windows vanishes like a ghost instantly.

How can this issue be reproduced?
the first time it happened, i was forced to delete and reinstall. offloading and redownloading alone did not work. it worked fine again for a few weeks. then the issue happened again, i do not know what triggered it. my best guess is that it may be when i click a link in another app (this is how it just happened- i clicked a link in protonmail. but it was not just protonmail, i think that was only this time. i have brave set to my default browser.)
so then i deleted and reinstalled again. that was yesterday. today it happened a third time, so i did it again, planning to submit a ticket. however, it just happened AGAIN, i have not even had it installed a full day. i have video of the bug and the ios crash logs if you’d like them.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
whatever the newest one is. i update everything obsessively.

Mobile Device details
ipad pro 11 inch 2022

Additional Information:
like i said i can give you the logs and screen recording. just let me jknow. i want to use brave very much, it’s the best option for ios in terms of ad blocking and speed for me. well obviously that was before this since now i cannot use it at all.

I have iPad 8 with iOS 16.3.1 (unable to update due to storage issues) and am having same crashing problems when I try to open a link in my messages.
Reproduces most times. This also could be a storage issue.
Maybe due to some security problem on links I’m trying to open.
Hope Brave gets back to us on this!

sorry that you have it too but good to confirm it’s not just me

it’s not storage for me though. got over 150 gb free on my device haha. i’m kinda anal about that lol, i delete everything that i don’t need

Same here, using an S20 FE, brave just crashes when loading certain websites

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