Evaluating Brave Search Results

At the beginnng of this week, Kari Lake had a hearing in the US 9th Circuit regarding her continued effort to overturn the dubious 2022 election for Arizona Governor. That is a major case in a hugely significant United States federal appeals court. Why is that case invisible in Brave Search results?

Here is a video of the hearing: https://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/media/video/?20230912/22-16413/

Not Good.

It’s not. You just have to look for it and choose words. If you just put Kari Lake then there’s a lot of information it can grab from. So what it starts with are things like their official page and all.

As you scroll down, they have things mixed in. Some old, some new.

When I changed the search term to Kari Lake appeals court the first thing I saw was Summarizer with information as below:

I went to use Goggles to see if that might help, but big issue is it seems Brave Search is using a lot of old data. The majority of results they have are from like March and May, nothing recent. But the same is to be said of Google, such as you can see below:

Except for a small snippet in Google’s Recent news, it’s all from earlier this year. So it seems a lot of search engines just don’t have the data. That could be because news stations aren’t making that big a deal of it?

Also want to point out, the “recent news” that even Google has is just from small time sources. Arizona Capitol Times, YourValley, KJZZ

Kind of reinforces. It needs more mainline stream or to be very picky with the words you use in searching. Can always go through Goggles and modify things to narrow results as well.

I think you are dodging the issue. Search for anything Biden wants promoted, you cannot get around it in search

In the case of Kari Lake, the Globalists want to label her an election denier and that is all you can find.

Brave search, regardless of intentions, is totally aligned with the people seeking to destroy the United States, Human Freedom and kill 7 billion people.

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These search results are much better. Nothing like this from Brave, google, bing, yahoo, or any other American search engine

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Please share! How can I use this engine??

The search engine in the screenshot looks like yandex.

@carla_rogers This is a neutral platform for addressing significant technical issues affecting user experience as it relates to the Brave Browser.

It is not a place for random, heavy-handed shoehorning of political beliefs under the guise of technological illiteracy. Take your nonsense elsewhere. No one cares about your need for confirmation bias.

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Yeah, I’m not sure why Brave seems to attract this kind of thing, but there has been a disproportionate number of posts like this. Someone complains that [insert niche baseless wacky conspiracy theory here] is not showing up on Brave Search as prominently as I want it to, so Brave is suppressing it!