It is not Bias by Brave Search, Yet Nefarious Bias Appears

Previous discussion has shown, Brave search does not introduce bias into results. However, deeply nefarious bias is driving results.

Consider the case of Kari Lake in Arizona, where a judge ruled the 2020 and 2022 elections failed to follow law in validating signatures on mailed in ballots. Search for Kari Lake, and what you will find is nothing but the lies from the other side.

Try the goggles button below the search bar. Then click “Right News” and it’ll give you more from right-wing news sources.

I gave it a test and there was an article from AP news (which isn’t a right news source, granted) about halfway down the page that was talking about the judge rejecting election official’s bid to throw out the election misconduct claim last week.

There’s one from the Washington Examiner near the top that speaks fairly distasteful of her, but that is a right-wing news source.

  1. Ray Epps and January 6:
    There are compelling reasons to suspect that Ray Epps was acting as a government operative during the events of January 6. Detailed information supporting this claim can be found in a comprehensive article on Revolver News, providing critical insights into Epps’ involvement. [Link to Revolver News Article:]

  2. FDA Documents on COVID Vaccines:
    A group of 2500 experts has meticulously analyzed 450,000 documents released by the FDA pertaining to the emergency authorization of COVID vaccines. This exhaustive analysis, available on, delves into the crucial information used by the FDA for vaccine approval.

  3. Effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine vs. COVID Vaccine:
    There is a growing interest in understanding the comparative effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in preventing COVID infections when juxtaposed with the COVID vaccine. Reliable data on this topic are crucial for informed decision-making.

  4. Increase in All-Cause Death Since COVID Vaccination:
    Disturbing statistics from life insurance companies reveal a significant surge in all-cause mortality following the widespread administration of COVID vaccines. Several reports have highlighted this alarming trend, underscoring a deviation from historical mortality patterns. [Links to Reports:

Vigilant News Article: [Link:]
Children’s Health Defense Report: [Link:]
Expose News Report: [Link:]
Natural News Article: [Link:]
Principia Scientific Article: [Link:]

  1. US Government’s / NATO Role in Russia-Ukraine Conflict:
    Exploring the United States government’s historical commitments to Russia, dating back to 1991, and its role in the conflict with Ukraine, particularly concerning the disingenuous commitment to the Minsk agreement in 2014, offers crucial insights into the geopolitical situation.

  2. Legal Analysis of Cases Against Donald Trump:
    A comprehensive legal analysis is essential to evaluate the legitimacy of the cases brought against Donald Trump. Understanding the legal nuances is crucial for forming an informed opinion on this matter.

For the record, there is no substantive response to my previous post. All the statements in my post are substantiated by highly credible sources found in the links which cannot be found in Brave or any any other major browser search on general information on relevant topics.

Where is Brave honesty?
Where is Brave honesty?
Where is Brave honesty?
Where is Brave honesty?
Where is Brave honesty?
Where is Brave honesty?
Where is Brave honesty?

Answer: Brave is not honest on these topics.

What is our judgement of officers in the German military or government officers from 1935-1945 who were silent on the crimes against humanity where they knew of but said nothing about. Our judgement is that was a tough situation they were in. Easy to sympathize with their dilemma. That does not lessen their guilt.

Where are you Brave Browser?

Why are you silent on these crimes against humanity which are supported by your search engine?

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