eth_chainId error while adding a custom network

Hello - I’m attempting to add my own private network to the brave wallet. I’ve put in the correct information for my network regarding chain ID and JSON/RPC URL, but when I click submit I get the following error:

Request for method ‘eth_chainId’ on https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@RPC URL/ failed

I’m not adding any restrictions on my network’s side to disable calls to that particular method and I get this error message as soon as I click the “Submit” button to add the network to my browser.

In this post, I’ve replaced the actual username, password, and RPC url with those placeholders just so that I don’t share that information publicly, but it is entered correctly in the “Add a network” popup in the Brave browser.

I see that there was a recent issue where someone reported the same issue while trying to add an ETH Pow chain and that this was resolved with some changes to nightly checks. However, I’m getting the exact same error message as what they showed, just on my own network. Would appreciate your insight into this.

Running Brave version 1.44.105 btw in case that helps. Says that my browser is up to date at the moment

Hey @trevorsc, Happy to help! :slight_smile: is currently in 1.45.x not yet in release. Are saying you’re getting this same error in Nightly or Beta?

Douglas Daniel

Hey @DouglasHDaniel - Appreciate the reply! So it sounds like I need to wait until 1.45.x is released, is that right? Any work arounds until then?

I’m not entirely sure… I have not specified either and only referred to Nightly due to the other reported issue. Whichever one is the default is what I’m working with :slight_smile:

Hi @trevorsc ,

Just to clarify on above: We have a fix for your issue and it comes out in version 1.45 which will land on October 18th on main release. You can just wait till then and then update your browser.

If you want this feature sooner than that, you can download our beta browser (see here and access the brave wallet on this browser.

you can also see browser releases here

Hope this helps and thanks for having patience with us.



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