Adding wallet network to brave 1.32.106

Hi. in the new integrated wallet, you can add a network in setting → wallet.
But you can’t add twice.

  • click add and add the BSC network. Done
  • return to network. BSC is present
  • click add and fill the polygon network. Click save
  • it will ask you if you want to update the network. click yes
  • BSC network has disappeared

maybe used similar credentials (like chain id) and the update updated your BSC details? either way, this issue isn’t happening to me and I have many

try using and choose your network and it will add the networks easily.

You can only add 1 network per chain ID. If you would like multiple different URLs for that chain ID you can add them to the RPC URLs section. However we currently only use the first. In the future we’ll allow you to set which one you’d like to use as the primary URL.

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