Add custom RPC to Ethereum network

Description of the issue: I would like to add a custom RPC to my Etheruem chain interactions so I can set it to Flashbots Protect RPC, which allows my transactions to be sent to a private mempool. Metamask is currently able to support this, however, when I try to add a custom network I am unable to since it says I already have a network setup with chain id 1, but I have no option to change the settings for it.

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation? New Brave Wallet

How can this issue be reproduced? Add wallet network with chain ID 1 and Flashbots Protect RPC

Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.40.107

Additional Information: Would like to update my Ethereum RPC to not pay for failed transactions and provide mempool protections.

We have already implemented this feature in current Beta (1.42.x), which is due for release on July 12. Here’s the relevant issue on GitHub:

Awesome thanks for letting me know :clap:

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