January Payout still not received (Received)

I didn’t recieved my more then 2.5 BAT in uphold.

I checked my uphold account it is normal. i received payout from android device. But not from My PC.

I sent DM 12 days ago. Staff asked details. i provided also. But now this month is going to end. still i am checking community forum daily if i got any reply that your issue solved.

Sorry for creating post. But in DM issue is not getting solved.

I request you to please transfer my earning to my Uphold account.

1.35.101 Chromium: 98.0.4758.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I still have the same Problem. :wink:

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Brave users with me experiencing new issue of half payment going to process and half payment transferred to march earnings.

Meanwhile, My old issue of not getting BATS of January month is still not solved. No reply on POST or in DM.

:frowning: Feeling Sad with +99999 of Brave users.

We’re on the same boat, my friend. But let us wait for the Devs to check on our individual issues (we are a huge user base, after all). Alas, if it’s irreparable, we could get some sort of guarantee further payments will be processed. Or with the intended bonuses Brave team mentioned before. if nothing could be done, I’d genuinely be surprised, so far I have never, EVER got any problems with BAT payments, and pretty much not a single issue with the browser (Heck, I’d lie if these 50 or so BATs that they have paid me over the past year were deserved at all, I have never, ever clicked on a single ad, and I don’t even look at my cycle of 4 tab ads either, lol).
Anyways, but that’s just me. Other people obviously use BAT earnings for different purposes so of course it would be important for them to get paid, period, I’ll always side more with the user base because they (we) are the reason this browser is still standing. And thus, are a important part of this project.

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Received 2.46500 BAT of January Month earning on 2nd March.

Thank You.



Same here, my friend!


We were on same train. Late But Reached Destination.

@mnarshi You should mark your post #5 (received BAT) as a solution. :smiley:

Glad you finally received your long-delayed BAT!

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