Estimated not reset

None of my browser’s estimated values have reset since payout.


congratulations you will get paid twice :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Getting paid the once can be a challenge so I doubt them paying twice will be on the table lmao.


same, idk how much they are gonna take out when they reset it

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Same here. I know is normal that the counter takes its time to update but it have been 12 days since the month started xd.

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for me it take around 3-5 min after claiming my reward
for me i do not have uphold
so wondering if it related to people who has uphold account
just question are you all upholder ?

Same for me, both the browser and the Brave Creators were not reset. I received the payments though. I have a verified Uphold account.

I have uphold connected to linux, yes. But it commonly fixes in a couple of days ( i have even reported this on the past and eljuno told me is normal and it shoud be settle down correctly in a couple of days, thing it commonly happens). But this time we are at 12th and it doesn’t seem to be reseting xd

Just adding that the same has occurred for me using Uphold wallet. And the payout didn’t match what was estimated from any of the browsers, or any combination, so it is hard to understand the details of a transaction when they are completed this way.


thanks a lot for all of you then i see that the common is uphold here then maybe that why it never happened to me

thanks again and have a nice day everyone

Brave its been weird this last weeks. I have not recieved ads during all this time that the estimated rewards have not reset

Turn off ads and turn it back on again normally gets the ads back. Just take note this will wipe the history too.

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I already tried that but it doesn’t help. I also check the notifications, country, settings, but still nothing

We can stay informed by this post when the counter is reset to some user.

Mine hasn’t reset either, I thought it was something on my end and it would reset after the new updated version that came out yesterday but it didn’t.

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did the estimated reset with anyone of you or not yet?

my counter is the same, it has not changed.

hello greetings in my case it is still the same. it has not been rebooted. What will be the solution to keep waiting? first time it takes so long to reset the counter.

@ragr28 @ambrocioisaias2808 that so much

Has your accountant been reset?