Estimate counter does not reset

Hey team Brave :wave:

Small issue with Estimate counter has persisted a couple of month´s now,
this month´s reward earnings are being added to last month´s.

Im able to claim the rewards but the counter does NOT reflect this,
for the last few month´s it has kept adding to the total.

Usually the counter will deduct the balance claimed within a few days,
this is the case for my laptop and my desktop.

However my android phone has kept adding to the total for some time now.

Im curious as to wether or not anny 1 else are seing the same thing ?

From a quick glance at the forum, it seems to have not yet been reported.

… Edit: latest update fixed this

(New counter layout is nice) Thank you team Brave, nice work. :partying_face:


THIS RIGHT HERE is the reason that so many people think they “lost” BAT when they applied the most recent update. I, too, noticed that reward payments hadn’t been deducted from my pending rewards until I applied the latest update.

My one still isn’t fixed yet both in desktop and mobile rip

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