Estimate pending rewards rested to 0! **SOLVED**

This problem often occurs and then goes away on its own. But this time it is not going well.

  1. I have closed the browser from the recent app, I have deleted the cache file of the browser, Tried Brave Reward Off and On.
  2. The device has been restarted several times.
  3. Only one browser is linked to Uphold.

Device: Android 9
Brave version: 1.22.69


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yep just had the same thing happen to me on my computer browser not even on my phone, and just posted here too!!! I thank Brave broswers ran updates and wiped out all our BAT for the month before we were paid!!! They need to resolve this, this is BAD and has happened before!!!

It’s not that Brave has deliberately cleared our bat. Such a problem has happened to me before. The solution was done by the Brave team.

I’m also a part of it

I was experiencing this earlier, and now everything has come back on its own. Perhaps there’s some kind of sync that needs to happen?

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Can you tell me how long your problem has been? I am getting ads now but neither my ad counter nor bat counter is changing.

I noticed the problem this morning, and then continued using the browser normally. After less than an hour of browsing, I checked brave://rewards/ again and the BAT was showing the proper amount.

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In my case it’s been over 3 hours.

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Yep, it has now come back for me now as well and showing the correct amount. Good to know! Good stuff!