My Estimated pending rewards disapperared

Today when I’m open my brave browser, it turns out my brave rewards was turn off then
when I turn on the brave rewards then suddenly my estimated pending rewards which is 10+ or 11 BAT has been gone. I already try to restart my laptop but nothing happened.

Wallet payment ID: 55a78455-c45d-433c-a8ab-92379a22c7e8
Brave Version 1.18.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Then when i turn on the brave rewards my Wallet created is the date today

Support please help me how to resolve it.


I’ve been facing the same problem. Except some blokes will just reply to you saying “BAT value decreased” or whatever.


BAT value decreased?
My estimated brave rewards rollback - back to zero again.
My 10+ or 11 BAT turn to 0.135 BAT

They need to fix it T_T

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Any support can help me about this?

support has been super unsatisfactory and not very helpful. they seem to go around only helping their developers and not its users.

I already checked some old post regardings in my issue
Some support reply and told to insert wallet ID , brave version and etc.

I already DM the support, no reply yet maybe its a holiday season (Christmas) or they are busy, Im not sure

Hi @MyAenan . Did you receive your BAT. If not, can you please reach out via so we can investigate. Thanks

@tmancey Any update about problem,
Please reply.

I’m experiencing something similar.
When I started the day I had 1.58 BAT, but a few minutes ago, they turned into 0.400 BAT. I have restarted my computer, and the browser several times, but it won’t change. The amount’s the same. Some ads have pop up ever since, but the amount of BAT is the same. I’m using a MacBook Air with Big Sur 11.1, and Brave 1.18.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101. Please, help me out.

Hi, did you reach out via If so, can you please reply to the same thread and include a link to this post to help. Thanks

Hi @HeiCal did this BAT appear in your wallet as it would be removed from the “Estimated pending rewards” around the 5th of each month and added to your wallet.

All my BAT disappeared too, about ten minutes ago. I had over 1.125 BAT, and now I have 0.125. How can I resolve this?

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Same Problem here. Started using Brave a few days ago and accumulated about 1BAT. Now I only have 0.075BAT. Is there any way for me to get my BAT back?

Same problem for my. My BAT disappeared when I logged on my PC and still hasn’t been restored. 0.010 BAT appeared but my original amount I had accumulated is missing.

Same issue, dropped from 2.4 to 0.140. Seems to be one issue after another with BAT now. In the end it will lose all credibility.

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@tmancey - I already mail you before.

Ah yes if emailing always include a link to the community post and your username so we can match up the user. I now have your email and have replied.

For those of you experiencing this issue, could you please let me know if you recently upgraded, claimed an ad grant just before you noticed this issue, or anything else you think may help. Thanks in advance, Terry

Apologies for anybody experiencing this, but could everybody try a quick restart of the browser to see if that helps.


I already try many times, My issue was last year (december)
Still not recover my BAT