Had BAT accumulated yesterday. Logged on today and saw it change to 0

I had over 3 BAT in my “rewards for the month”. I log in every day and a click on at least 10 ads a day. When I logged in this morning I literally saw it change from 3 BAT to 0 BAT. It’s not in my Uphold wallet that it normally shows up in. I do not have Auto Tips enabled. My Brave version is: 1.22.70. And I’ve collected BAT this way since 2019.

Why did Brave delete my BAT rewards for the month?? Any help is appreciated!


I have exactly the same problem. I have my acc linked to 3 Brave browsers (different PCs) and in all of them I’ve lost most of my BATs (Around 10 in total). What’s happening?


I’ve got the same problem. My BAT appeared yesterday then woke up this morning and they’re gone. Last time this happened to me it was because my brave browser wasn’t up to date. Now it is. What’s the excuse now???


yep just had the same thing happen to me! It seems Brave browsers ran updates from what I see and was prompted and must have forced it to update, because I didn’t tell it to and it wiped out all our BAT for the month before we were paid! They need to resolve this, this is BAD and has happened before!

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Yep just happend to me! Here is the post of how my rewards to disappeared click here:

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Same thing here. I lost my android devices BAT’s, my 3 windows devices BAT.

I have contributions and tips switched OFF, and i didn’t update anything.

What can we do in this case? Where/Who to make the complaint?

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Yup … same here just came home and opened browser

it went from 6,905 BAT - 7,06 USD to 0,170BAT - 0,20USD

:flushed: Bummer

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Check your browser again now, It seems my balance has come back now…

just checked my “Estimated pending rewards” again and now it shows:

" Estimated pending rewards

5.990BAT7.01 USD

Next payment date

Apr 5

Ads received this month


7-day Ads History"

I am experiencing the same… On windows version 1.22.70 Chromium: 89.0.4389.105 (Official Build) (64-bit) and received 524 ads for the month so far but showing 0.320BAT estimated pending rewards. Was showing north of 8 yesterday… It has not returned back to the previous amount like for others

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As @WidgetWolf has experienced, your balance will likely return.

Keep this in mind:


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There’s been an update released.

Where is my March money Brave devs?!

Hi @toniplavna, I believe Brave ads payout transactions begin on the 5th of every month… and I imagine it could take some time to fully process such a large list of transactions. If you don’t see anything happening with yours by the end of this week, you can create a topic with your details to request Support help. This applies to general users, not Creators. If you’re a Creator, maybe try signing into here

and see if there’s some special information to help you.

Just pinned globally:

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