Estimated rewards pending disappear automatically

My problem is estimated rewards are auto disappear. 1. How it’s possible if get 45 Ads received till now and my reward is just 0.580 BAT ($0.83)
2. If it’s get refreshed after some point, then where it gone? How can I get access of it.
3. Actually I get more BAT then that.
4. Uphold account is still pending I clear every part of verification don’t know why they still stay me in pending side.

Hope you guys are understand my problem. Hope it can get resolve quickly and also it not only my problem I think so everyone is struggling with this issue.
Looking forward to get best solution from your side.


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Most ads only pay you 0.01 bat, what make you think 0.58 bat is low for 45 ads?

I’m not sure what are you referring to here? If you mean that the estimated pending rewards are being reduced, force stop the app, clear the cache(not the data) and it should resolve any visual bug.

This is not uphold support site :thinking:

thank you for responding JohnDproof, here in second question i referring the 1st question, actually my issue is BAT are get add but after some period of time (which I don’t know when) it get 0. so basically bats are keep adding but they can be for some time and then get back to zero level again.

Did you do what I said?

Yes, I did what you said.

If after cleaning the cache the browser shows you the right amount of bat then you aren’t losing any bat, that’s just a visual bug

This happened to me too. My estimated BAT payout was @ $5 yesterday and now it shows only $0.78. I have 288 ads viewed this month.

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