Estimated pending rewards disappeared for previous month

I’m using the Brave browser on Desktop & Mobile and I was able to claim my rewards on desktop, but on mobile the estimated pending rewards of 5-6 BAT totally disappeared.

I read a bunch of other posts and most were resolved after refreshing, but it’s been almost a week now and they have not reappeared.

I saw in one post someone from Support said to email them at to troubleshoot the specific issues and I tried the same and haven’t heard back so figured I’d bring it to the community.

I’m on Android.

I also deleted my app cache from the Settings around the same time, can’t recall if it was before or after, but from a post I read that shouldn’t impact it, but figured I’d share to give a fuller picture.

I was able to claim my rewards once on mobile for a partial month and pretty disappointed that those BAT disappeared and I got a big zero for last month.

Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…

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