Estimated pending rewards down to zero

Yet another thread complaining about the disappearance of BAT rewards, but that is a legitimate concern that might degrade user experience.

For the first time since I’ve used Brave (+ 2 years), I’ve been experiencing that “bug”.
My estimated pending rewards counter displays 0.000 BAT despite having accumulated 282 ads to date. It’s been happening the whole month of April.

Whether I use a vpn or not, nothing has changed.
Here my stack: MX-Linux (Debian 10) - Brave Version 1.23.73 Chromium: 90.0.4430.85

Thank you, I appreciate your help.

  • Check your internet connection CHECK
  • Your contribution option is OFF CHECK
  • Try turning off and on the Ads option then refresh the browser several times CHECK
  • If you have just started the browser, wait few minutes till it loads CHECK
  • Refresh the browser (new tab) several times CHECK
  • Check your ads count (If they’re same as what was before then you don’t have to worry just be patient the bats will be recovered soon.) CHECK
  • Keep your browser open for an hour CHECK
  • BE PATIENT I’m very patient!

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Close down your browser, close down the background process if it is running, and reopen it again. This would probably solve your issue because I had it sometimes too and it solves it for me.
Sometimes when opening Brave, the rewards do not load up, reopening Brave solves it.

Sadly It doesn’t work. Just did a minute ago and done a couple of times before.

Thanks for the reminder. Except that my estimated rewards never showed up since the beginning of April.

Just to keep you all updated.

Upgraded to Brave version 1.23.75 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Build officiel) (64 bits).
Followed every single advice on here. 324 ads and I’m still receiving no BAT.

Screenshot below:
Capture d’écran-3

Update -

+324 ads displayed for nothing. BAT counter never increased throughout last month.
Again same is happening for May…On a bright side, latest Beta version is working normally on Linux.

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