Error "We are unable to disconnect your wallet at this time."

The Uphold account is faulty, I want to remove it and replace it with a Gemini account. But constantly showing the error message “We are unable to disconnect your wallet at this time.”
It is not known if there is a change in Brave Creators policies and regulations, or if the system is having problems. Looking forward to hearing from the support team soon.

@grieftodie you’re supposed to search Brave Community for similar topics BEFORE creating one yourself. This has already been discussed.

If ever any issues in the future, do try to use the Search feature by typing in key words at the search glass.
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As you can imagine, it gets exhausting having to deal with people asking the same exact questions after answers have been given. Not to mention, people popping in to create topics without researching first makes the answers harder for others to find, as it’s more junk to have to filter through.


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This issue should now be resolved. Please try dis/reconnecting your Uphold wallet from your Creator account and you should be good to go.

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I tried again, and the problem is still not solved successfully

Please send me a DM with the email associated with your Creator account.

Thank you.

I have the same problem. Please check it for me. My email creators: [EMAIL DELETED]

Please do not put personal information (including email addresses) on the public form. Please DM me the address directly. Thank you.