I can not login Creators Account to added Uphold Wallet again after disconnect. Urgent! Please

Hello! I can not login Creators Account after disconnected Uphold Wallet.

We have the same problem, please help us @steeven :pray:


Please report

  • OS of your computing device

  • Internet browser you are using and its version numbers

Iam also facing same problem after disconnected uphold.
Anyone please help

@DGold @Clubic69 @Aswinhareendran Some services are down as of now- https://status.brave.com/.

Give it some time.

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doesn’t work only Solana Testnet Proxy
Brave Creators is OK.

Yeah but others are generally related. Are you able to login?

I can’t log in either with the same error
Brave Wallet and Brave Creators cannot be connected in any way

I would hope so too but it’s difficult to say how servers work sometimes. Best is to wait it out. It would soon be up and running. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can log in but I always get this message

I follow the instructions, reconnect, but next time the message is shown again. Uphold shows that I am connected though.

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I’m so glad I saw this post @rodrige . I am getting that same pop up. But I’m still able to log onto uphold account. Also I heard you have to update it and when I was having payment issues, or reason I couldn’t verify or log on is because uphold is out of date and I need to update, also another messege I got was because maybe I recently changed password. I’m all good now, and still log on uphold, I have to verify everytime I log on. But I’m afraid if the pop up comes back and eventually won’t be able to log onto my uphold account. I clicked on the “new version” of uphold almost a year ago. Away from that page that use to show you cards of all the crypto you owned, icons looked like debit cards for every curreency you had spread out in different coins. Is this a problem we need to worry about? I’m still all good, but some times the old school debit card page pops up after getting that same messege as antonio said. Thanks #support-and-troubleshooting BRAVE is AWESOME!

Tengo el mismo problema

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