I can not login Creators Account to added Uphold Wallet again after disconnect. Urgent! Please

Hello! I can not login Creators Account after disconnected Uphold Wallet.

We have the same problem, please help us @steeven :pray:


Please report

  • OS of your computing device

  • Internet browser you are using and its version numbers

Iam also facing same problem after disconnected uphold.
Anyone please help

@DGold @Clubic69 @Aswinhareendran Some services are down as of now- https://status.brave.com/.

Give it some time.

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doesn’t work only Solana Testnet Proxy
Brave Creators is OK.

Yeah but others are generally related. Are you able to login?

I can’t log in either with the same error
Brave Wallet and Brave Creators cannot be connected in any way

I would hope so too but it’s difficult to say how servers work sometimes. Best is to wait it out. It would soon be up and running. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can log in but I always get this message

I follow the instructions, reconnect, but next time the message is shown again. Uphold shows that I am connected though.