Could not establish Uphold connection help me pls

hello i disconnected my uphold to my creator account and after i reconnected im getting an error i talked to uphold but they redirect me here i hope you can help me

please see the attached screenshot for your reference

take note i dont have any other creator account only this one

I guess, it will be best to raise a ticket in this situation. Raise one here.

Hello can you help me I don’t know what topic should I chose in the link you provided

Select the rewards option.

I received an email with the case number what should I do now?

Nothing I guess, they’ll get back to you as possible. Since it is still a Sunday in the US, and since Brave’s team works on weekdays only so its possible it could be a while till you get a reply from Brave’s team

Thank you I’ll wait for their reply

@steeven @Mattches does region restrictions affects brave creator accounts? I’m from the Philippines and I can’t reconnect my uphold after I changed my password because it required me to reconnect my wallet it shows that I have multiple brave creator account which I don’t

I think answer is NO because I am also unsupported region and i received creater payout time to time. As per i understand problem is. you said you are disconnected the uphold but as per i know it’s still connected to uphold (upto 90day from disconnected). You need manualy remove your creater account.

Follow this steps:-
login in uphold ( app/site)
Go to menu and select integration
Select brave reward than delete/unlink
Than enter security keys(if applicable)

Note:- I also faced this problem and find it.

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