Error: Region not supported (Wallet- Uphold, Region-India)

Dear Brave Browser Team,

We Indians Love Brave Application a Lot. In many ways it is highly useful to us in India.
And one of the user friendly application too, also provides a Great Rewards for Surfing the Internet.
Here i would like to tell you that, India is in the top in Internet usage.
So Country like India should not miss Brave Browser. Right now Brave Rewards are in “Region not Supported” Status.
Humbly requesting you to kindly enable the rewards option for Indians.
Please find the attached screen shot of Internet World Stats.

Eagerly waiting for the positive response from Brave Rewards side. Look forward…

Thanks & Regards,
Karthik Ravikumar


Hi all,
“Region not supported” on Gemini****.

Edit: I wrote uphold before, but i wrote wrong. It’s Gemini.

I just realized that I have the same problem when I tried to synchronize the wallet I get the same error region not supported I am from Spain and I do not understand why I have that error

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@UiShhI Your issue is different. Spain is in the list of supported regions for connections. You should not be getting a region not supported error since Spain is supported by both Brave and Uphold and is in the list of supported countries for connections.

You should Submit a request for Brave support to investigate.

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I just started getting this error too. I’m from Türkiye. It is a temporary decision. <— I hope so. But will the old rewards come back?

@Karthik6 Thanks for the information on internet users by country. Very interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think Brave is working very hard to restore connections for all countries. I think India and France are top priorities for reinstatement. Hopefully connections will be back soon.

You should listen to the first few minutes of $BAT Community Call w/ Luke Mulks, Jimmy Secretan and BAT_Jennie. Specifically state that India is a top priority.


ya its good ,im also waiting for brave plz considered the our side
thank you

OK, para a Índia, mas e no meu caso que sou do Brasil? Também está dando erro, além de não conseguir mais visualizar anúncios. A partir de Julho não consigo mais visualizar 1/3 dos anúncios que recebia no inicio. Poderia me ajudar por favor?

hey! I’m from Philippines and I have the same issue. Although my gemini account is already verified, it still wouldn’t connect to Brave because of this Region error. I never thought other countries are affected too, all I see from before is India have experienced this. I hope this gets fixed soon.

Yours will likely be of the last regions added, if it’s ever added again. You can see the official notice on Philippines and Vietnam at Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

In that, you’ll notice it doesn’t say it’s a temporary change. When I’ve tried to inquire more about it, just was said Philippines and Vietnam is an entirely different circumstance and nobody knows when, or if, they will be added again.