Brave Rewards not Verify the Uphold account? Errors Shows Device Limit Reached

Hi, I am facing a issue about brave rewards linking with uphold. Last month i installed new Operating system on my laptop. After that brave rewards not connected to my Uphold Account. The prompt appear said the device limit reached. I have only One Uphold Account that is linked to Brave Rewards Previously. Please Help me Regards this issues…

Same issue here, except that I probably have more than 4 installations since I started using Brave. So it’s legit.

But still waiting for
"We are working on improved slot management tools made available in the future for users with multiple devices, or who’ve lost access to a device for reasons outside of their control. "

Any update ?

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any update regarding improved slot management?

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Not recently. You can track the status here: Implement solution for linking limits

If you haven’t already, go ahead an submit a wallet unlinking request form.

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