Error brave uphold

I have a problème to connect brave and uphold

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Well i finally got uphold to help then they banned me for some reason (brave) was most likely why, but I haven’t heard anything solid yet. Now I’m having issue accessing my vpn that i paid a year for. I’m trying to be positive about brave but its getting hard!

same issue here. my uphold account isnt banned like FreddieC’s was, all my balance from previous payouts is still there

I have this same issue too, has it been resolved for you guys?

Yeah, if you guys looked through you’ll see many have reported it. I already reached out to Support and they are aware of the issue. Teams are investigating and hopefully will get resolved. Big issue is a lot of them were gone for vacation. They should start getting back to work starting tomorrow.

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The rewards cut-off is Jan 8 so hopefully the fix makes it in time with some time to spare for us to connect!

What are you talking about? VBAT has already expired and there’s no other cutoff/deadline that I’m aware of.

If you’re thinking of payments, everyone that had been connected still would be receiving them most likely as the logout should just be client side.

Uphold brave error?

I don’t know where to begin. Its a nice thought but i haven’t been able to use uphold ever since they took away my account after they just gave it back. Uphold and brave, get you act together! If we have to use this combo to get paid i will never see a BAT!