Erroneous estimated payment or incorrectly given payment

I had an estimated profit of 2 BAT (3.99) but I was paid 1 BAT (2 USD).
Is it correct that it works like this? This month’s payment was supposed to be almost or $4.


My Uphold wallet today

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exactly the same thing happens to me …

Same Happened With Me Having Total 3-4 BAT Recieved Only 1.2 BAT :neutral_face:

This is my first month with brave … I don’t know, if it has always had the same problems … for the moment, my experience has not been good …

Ive been here for a few months and this seems to be normal, although ive never and any transfers to or from brave international from my uphold wallet. I suspect that Brave calculates how much BAT to give to you the night of the payout date or earlier, so any ads u receive of the 5th 6th 7th 8th will not be payed until next month. I’m not sure tho.

@steeven are partial payouts normal or a bug?

Same thing for me. . .

It happened to me as well. Honestly, I feel fooled when the estimate shows three BAT and I am chopped off 40% of it. I feel like not paying attention to their ads as properly anymore as I used to.
Even an “estimated” amount should not deviate too much from the factual payout. Everything else is just criminal.

Same! I only received 3-4 BAT, It should have been at least 6 BAT considering my payout history.

I believe that this was an error, and you will get more in the next payout (the estimated rewards didn’t reset, and that seems to have happened to a wide range of people)

I hope the next payment is correct, I use the money to pay for things in my daily life.

same things happened to me 1.8bat my monthy earnings but i received. 331 bat only

@steeven same thing happened to me.

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