Error in payment wrong bats

Today I get the payment of 0.410 bats which is 0.37 usd, Had an approximate of 190 ads viewed , I received a reward as if I had seen 10 ads, I like the app has a lot of potential but those mistakes are very ugly to see

I also had same problem recieved less bat than shown

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Did they solve it for you?

no i have messaged them but didnt get any reply @Mattches @SaltyBanana @steeven

I have already sent a message to @SaltyBanana, when did you send the message?

i sent yesterday and today also

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If you answer me @SaltyBanana I’ll do it to you

He already answered me @SaltyBanana I will update if you give me a solution

what did he say? can you tell me

what did he say to you please tell me as i am having the same issue

Thanks for sharing,

This is potentially due to the shortcoming of the Rewards reporting rather than an actual bug. I believe that the est earnings counter was reporting tokens that were earned in the previous month, but not yet “cashed in” to our servers and would thus roll-over into the next payout cycle.
It is also important to remember that the number you’re seeing before payout is “ Estimated earnings”, so it is not uncommon for the estimation and the finalized amount to be different.

I hope this clarifies any questions

So,what is the meaning of this?

I don’t know but I’ll be a little more specific now

What specific ? Can you explain?

@SaltyBanana He misunderstood what I wrote to him and I wrote again in a clearer and more accurate way.

okay i hope our issue gets resolved

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Thanks for sharing,

If you saw “ 0.410 BAT coming in X days ”, that is the amount you will receive.

As explained above sometimes there are tokens that have no been cashed in to our servers to be reconciled. They will then be paid out in the next payout cycle.

Sometimes this can be difficult to be expressed in the rewards panel UI. Our developers are always working to help make this information more understandable for users.

What I understood the other month will come what was missing or how do you understand it?

Same i also think that we will get the rest in next month

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