Enterprise Features for Brave Browser

Brave is coming to a point where it is widely used among consumers, but I have yet to see any use in the workplace. Some workplaces even frown on brave due to the shields interfering with certain tracking that may be setup on company computers, but this could be changed. If there were an enterprise version of Brave, companies would be encouraged to implement it across their computers for security, speed, and the most attractive feature: money. With enterprise options, companies could install brave across their computers and choose to use it as a regular ad-less browser, or even opt in to receive rewards from every ad each employee is seeing. Perhaps there could be options to allow employees to keep a portion of their ad-viewing revenue, as to not decrease the value of eyes upon every ad and therefore BAT itself. Specific features could be worked out by the team, but it is time for an enterprise version of Brave Browser to take over all currently used browsers in the workplace and create greater incentives, as well as greater unification amongst employees and their devices.