Limiting brave to use company pages only

My question will sound a little strange,
I work in a steel mill where security and safety are the main pillars of how we work, this nmeans that people operating heavy machinery or transport liquid molten steel at 3000 degrees C are not allowed to surf the web so normally we block everything BUT there is an exception, safety regulations demand that everyone has access to the latest safety documents, instructions and regulations of the company itself, and what is faster than an internet browser straight to those files.
For years we have used a stripped down version of Internet explorer, because that was the only thing available and since we are not a company that investe in modern IT a lot of Production PC’s still ran on XP, win7 and such so this was not a problem.
However this changed since we are now moving everything along to Win10 clients, and well internet explorer just does not work properly, is no longer supported and has been a cybersecurity risk for years now, we are looking for a new browser to strip down like this, brave is one of the choices, but can this be done with a chromium browser?
Where years ago companies restricted web-access to their employees now everything is built to have maximum access, don’t get me wrong we are far from communistic nor do we hate our employees, but the goal is to get them home safe and with all their limbs, so distractions actually need to be set to a minimum. Off course non production workers, managers, it-people, salesmen and such do not have these restrictions, but they actually need web-access to do their jobs.
So TLDR, I need a basic stripped browser which only accesses our companies webpages and only the ones regarding the general safety guidelines and the ones specific to the machine they operate.