Will there be an enterprise version in 2019?

Lucas and I on the Nov of 2017 got into an in-depth discussion about an enterprise version. To deuce my level of thinking of the product, this is what I called it :smile: -

Naturally there was a lot of work-on, everybody was busy and there wasn’t as greater (quantitative) number of employees, not to mention the Muon version was destined to be deprecated.

I understand the official stable release of Brave-Core is still relatively new but in contrast to Brave-Muon, the number of issues now is significantly lower than it was. I also recall the team magnificently once fixed 500 issues in a month for one release. Five-hundred! Taking this into account and the number of issues currently in Github, theoretically speaking the team could fix all of Brave-Core’s list of issues wihthin 2-3 months :slight_smile:

So firstly I wanted to ascertain, could Brave start the development of the enterprise version sometime this year?

Secondly, I imagine most of the team can technically achieve this but I was curious wouldn’t it be a good idea to post the job in your careers sections for development and delivering of the enterprise release?

Finally, I still stand by most of my recommendations in the original topic about removing/adjusting many components in Brave by making it lighter and more efficient and how this would be greatly beneficial for other enterprises and SMBs, even as a beta, so it would be brilliant if the team could peruse it once resources are a bit more flexible.

Sorry if I came across as derogatory to any current team members and thanks.

I would settle for the ability to silently install and manage Brave via Group Policy.