Using Brave as standard browser for companies

Hi Brave team and community,

I’m currently thinking about installing Brave as our standard browser at my father’s company. This will add approximately 40-50 new users during working weeks. The problem we are facing is that we don’t have group/centralized control of all individual settings on different pc’s. This will cost time setting each PC up. We are a relatively small company, but for larger organizations this will cost to much. On top of that settings are still adjustable after.

Short: What I would like to see is Brave having a company option. All different browsers having the same group settings (company’s preferred settings - fe monthly contributions, blocking of cookies, amount of ads etc). Group (main) settings are set by authorized persons and cannot be changed by unauthorized users.

Why? This feature will make Brave more accessible for companies. More people (employees) come into contact and become familiar with Brave. This also will add value for advertisers, because they can reach the people from companies they value. Companies reduce loading times using Brave comparing Brave to other browsers (savings in costs). Companies can also donate their BAT to charity

I am really not a super tech guy, so I don’t know if this is possible. Sorry for my flawed english, it is not my native language

Greets from Holland :smile:

1 of the amazing things about the brave browser is the ability to syncing devices across a large network …

I could potentially assist you with this endeavor since I’m currently working on some projects of my own to make the brave browsing platform more accessible across different platforms … approximately how many computers, tablets, cellphones, cloud servers are you using?