Brave Enterprise Browser Edition


is a “Brave Enterprise Edition” in planning (like Chrome Enterprise)?

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I think brave should work on Brave OS, after they have there browser done :).
Following the footsteps of Google is not #Brave.

Nobody is talking to follow Google. It was just an example. You can also take Edge- or Firefox Enterprise Edition.
The enterprise edition has the feature to follow policies made by the company and handle certifications.
To bring Brave to the market and share with the world you need to adapt the industry needs.

Didn’t know Firefox and Edge did though that.
Thanks for the info.

To me I think that a Brave OS would open up a lot more opportunity for Brave software to expand. While your not wrong as far as keeping up with software browser trends.
Brave software to be truly competitive against Google, Microsoft, and even Ubuntu they need to separate themselves, and that might be an operating system that fits a new modern approach to computer software that was made the ground up to be privacy enabled and geared towards individuals and not corporations.