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Hi, I just started to try Brave. How can I enable certain features on a website, such as a web store? I would like to order a pair of boots from Bass Pro, but to add them to the basket, does not work.

I have been having a similar problem with various websites that I would allow to do pictures or a picture slideshow and neither working. In the one case, if I right click on the blank area where a photo is, I can get the photo to open in a new tab.

I have gone through all of the settings menu and don’t see how to allow specific permissions, nor does disabling the “shields up” work.

Attached is a screen shot of the Bass Pro site, I have disabled the shield up, but the shopping cart still doesn’t work. If there is an address to find better detailed instruction for Brave, please provide a link. Thanks


Have you tried right-clicking (or ctrl-clicking if on a Mac with one-button mouse/trackpad) the little lock icon to the left of the site address? That brings up a menu with “Site settings” at the bottom, thus:


Thank you very much, that is what I was looking for.

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