Brave Blocking Websites ads

I know this is awkward but I want brave to allow a specific site so that it can show ads to me. I don’t like ads but the thing is I’m using online photo editor which is too good and I don’t mind seeing ads for it since it’s free after all.
website keep saying please allow us to show ads

You can disable Shields on per site basis via Shields icon in URL bar (the one with Brave logo).


I’m using web app and it doesn’t have a option to disable but you think it would work if I just manually visit and disable shields there ? would that affect web app too ?

Hey @Adison !

When you visit a site you can customize the Shield settings for that particular site.

What do you mean you are using web app?

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Umm, web player is a feature or rather a shortcut to open websites in app format for example visit youtube and look at url bar right side. There would be a option when you click on it. It will say install this app something try it


example of web app
Like spotify I install as a web app

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You can visit the website in normal tab to disable Shields. I’m pretty sure it’ll affect the PWA too (never tried it before, so let us know if this does/doesn’t work).

Hi, I visited website without brave shields and still the website requesting to show ads. I don’t know what’s going wrong

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