Settings literally does not work

Just downloaded the new Brave today. Went into settings to try to do the following:

-disable Bookmarks visibility (i.e., hide horizontal bar with all bookmarks)
-turn off autoplay (i.e. I do not want youtube videos to play automatically)

What happened was that the bookmarks bar vanished only in the Settings tab itself, but continues to be visible in every other tab.

And autoplay continues to function. I went to youtube and the videos keep playing as soon as I open the tab, exactly what I did not want to happen.

Can you please fix Settings so that it actually works? I am assuming all of my custom privacy settings likewise do not function, so I will not use new Brave until the more visible Settings issues work.

Thank you,
A User

I’d be happy to help you with your issues, but you need to post in the appropriate category and follow that categories guidelines. If you edit or re-post your report appropriately I’d be happy to help. You’re likely looking for this category.

Ok, thanks. Posted 2 items under desktop support.

Duplicate of Settings does not work for more than 1 "Setting" change (autoplay, bookmarks)