Enable javascript on local files

Hey there. I like to be as private as I can while I’m browsing the internet so I’ve got my javascript turned off by default. Every time I visit a site that doesn’t appear to be working without scripts, I consider switching it on and continue browsing the internet uninterrupted. However, when I try to open local files, Brave Shields block all scripts without giving me the option to turn them back on (grey logo). Is there a reason for this? I’m using version 1.25.70 and Chromium 91.0.4472.77 right now. At the moment I’m relying on other browsers to open my local files.

A solution for this would be useful for me as well. Surely there are more than two people who want to enable javascript for local files.

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Hey @Mr.F @CamSpotterNL !

Are you referring to local .html files and such? (Like a development website)


From time to time I save a web page (Save page as… Webpage, complete) for future reference. If the page uses javascript, when I open it later I cannot enable javascript. The message I get is “You’re viewing a local or shared file.”

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First of all, JavaScript is widely used in frontend development. This language, along with HTML and CSS, is part of the essential front-end toolkit.

Someone please help. This is absolutely essential.
Many developers test their pages in a static environment.
It is essential that scripts run at the file:// level.
I am beyond disappointed that Brave cannot do this.

Please allow a setting at least to enable this.

What are you guys thinking?!?!?! This is insanity. Turn this on. I need to get work done.

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I found that the commonly used work around is to install a web-server plugin in a text-editor which supports it. Several text editors support plugins and have such a plugin which will spin up a webserver. Unfortunately, it took hours of research to find the right one. I wasted so much time with Atom app which I later learned had been mostly abandoned and the plugins mostly broken. I then moved to Sublime Text and ran into other issues. Finally I have landed on VSC (visual studio code) which I am happy with; but each jump took me days of research and time wasted.

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I’ve just wasted almost a day trying to find why Js isn’t working, only to land here. It’s not even funny.