'Empty Cache and Hard Reload' works only when doing refresh

Hi there,

I use OpenSuse Leap 15.5 as my daily workstation. I’ve the latest version of Brave installed and every time I want to do a hard refresh to clear the cache, I don’t have the option to do a right click and choose ‘Empty Cache and Hard Reload’ unless I refresh the page again which is quite annoying. So first, to make it clearer, I make a right click, and then click on Inspect and then right click to choose ‘Empty Cache and Hard Reload’ It doesn’t work on the first attempt.

As a web developer, I often have to clear the cache to test my web pages. Google Chrome has the same issue as Brave but in Edge it works fine. Grateful if you can offer me guidance on how to solve this issue as Brave is my preferred browser.

Can anyone help, please?

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