[TIPS]: Solved Pages not loading correctly (at least for me)

Hello Brave Community !

First, I have been using Brave for a while and I love it ! I use brave on all my OS. I wanted to share with the community my approach to solve the following issue, don’t expect a deep approach as the issue was easily corrected… ( I always try brain dead fixes before going deeper… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now… I had some trouble loading pages correctly with Brave:

  1. So I check my Internet connection-> Internet was good,

  2. I reinstalled Brave saving all my bookmarks and etc… → same issue

  3. I used a cleaning tool named Glary Utilities to clean all cache-> still nope

4) [And the winner is !]

I cleared Brave Cache directly from settings you know the three stripes at the top right of your screen, click on it then Ctrl+F and type Clear-> You will see highlighted in yellow the option to clear the cache just clean everything using all time deletion, btw PLEASE before doing that remember all your passwords and make sure you are not deleting important stuff to you !

I know it’s not very technical, sorry tech brothers for this noobish approach but if it helps …it helps :slight_smile:



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@Cybear_Killah Hi there and welcome to the community! Great job on figuring out how to solve your problem. Woot! lol Thank-you for sharing. :smile:

I really loved this… :rofl:

Too funny!

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Thank you for welcoming me so warmly :smile::+1:

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