Embed code for twitter not working in brave, but working fine in other browsers

Here a test link for you to see from your own eyes
1- TRY in brave
2- TRY the same link in chrome
Twitter Embed test

you will see that it works well in chrome but not in brave.

NOTE : i did try brave://settings/shields => all shields concerning twitter are off.

Is there a way to avoid that ???

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If I use that link in Brave, I see the text. I tried in Firefox and got nothing (blank page).

I don’t have Chrome installed so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like. Could you maybe show a side-by-side comparison with a screenshot or something?

Do you have ‘Allow Twitter embedded tweets’ enabled if you go to brave://settings/?search=twitter? In my case it didn’t seem to change anything but maybe something for you to try.

I’ve been having this same issue for months now. Love Brave but I’m not seeing embedded tweets in ANY article on ANY website when using Brave on MacOS. I see tweets when using Brave on mobile. I see the tweets using any other browser. But don’t see embedded tweets on Brave for MacOS. Again, it’s been months of this. I’ve done it all – disabling shields for those websites that had the embedded tweets, disabling shields for twitter.com, checking that the option to see embedded Twitter posts is on. There’s nothing on my end in settings that seems to be causing this. Please help.

Can you give an example of a page with this issue?

Note: I can test with Brave for Windows and Linux, not macOS, but maybe to start we can at least see if the issue occurs on other systems as well.

@bss092 , looks like you opened a new thread, I’ll pick this up over there.

@stubfeed , the other user in this thread found a solution and posted it here, could it be the same for you? Not seeing embedded tweets in Brave for MacOS - #6 by bss092


I don’t think the flag is the issue :frowning:

seems it would come from twitter itself… now the embed code don’t work even in chrome :frowning:

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