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Creating separate Persons is Wonderful. Having ability to switch between them is Wonderful. Forgetting which ‘person’ I am is terrible - messes it all up. Assigning Theme to each is insufficienct (“who is the pink?” “who is the blue?”). Would REALLY appreciate: (a) obvious visible header identifying the current person. (b) ability to add an image/icon after has been created.

sorry - my wife found the icon - its NOT in ‘manage persons’ (silly me to think this). anyhow - still would really really like person name somewhere visible.

Hi @riix,

Welcome to community! And thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated.

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Not sure how to get to community support since Brave just deleted all my bookmarks – major major


I created a new “person”. The brave browser opened, there are not bookmarks. Ok on that.

But now when I open any other ‘person’ all their bookmarks are now gone too.

And when I open a default browser (such as by clicking on a link in an email) – the browser window
opens, the bookmark bar is empty.

This is awful – I had carefully set all the bookmarks for the various ‘persons’ so that I could
have a working suite of bookmarks for the ‘person’ job role and tasks here at my company.

All gone … all of them…
hours of configuring and tinkering and tuning.

I could cry.

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You’re bookmarks are not gone – no need to worry.
Each “person” created will also have an associated “profile” where bookmarks, favorites, history and other browsing data are stored. We simply need to select the right “person” to find your bookmarks. After which, the other profiles can be deleted (if desired).

You were likely labeled “person 1” by default when you first installed the browser – can you try assuming this profile and checking again for your bookmarks/data?

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