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I would like to know if possible, what is the ecological footprint that Brave Browser leaves and how do they take responsibility for the environment.

What measurement metrics are you looking for? Brave is a software company. Outside of using electricity for their servers, I can’t imagine a very large footprint and a very small fraction of a Microsoft, Google or Meta footprint.

I don’t know. Maybe a report on the company’s commitment to the environment and how friendly the search engine is to it.

Have you tried to search for this info yourself? Or could you not find any info?

I tried but found nothing

As a small software company, Brave has most likely not done any environmental impact study. They have very few employees, so their headquarters is probably very small at this point in time. Is there a reason you’re requesting such information?

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The Brave article linked below does have various benchmarking information and compares it to various other browsers. Brave appears to outperform other browser as far as energy use, cpu use, bandwidth, etc. that all lowers Brave’s footprint in relation to other browsers at least and ad/trackers blocking actually reduces energy consumption too which reduces CO2 emissions .

I also linked a couple of articles that indicate that users equipment is by far the greatest contributor to CO2 emissions in the digital world than anything else out there. At a minimum, if using Brave uses less energy and reduces energy consumption for the end-user, then Brave is leaving a smaller ecological footprint than any of the other popular browsers and helping the individual user reduce their footprint too.

I too couldn’t find a published impact study but I think the performance methodology and results information could be extrapolated to assess the impact. In fact it may be their impact study! I don’t know because I really don’t know anything about this topic. Just skimming the information and probably cherry-picking too! :wink:

Hope it helps. :smiley:

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Just to get information about it, because I come from Ecosia which is a positive ecological browser, but it does not have the privacy that Brave has and well, I am comparing

Yes, it is a browser, and despite the fact that the results it shows are not the best, it has a positive impact on the environment. It doesn’t bombard me with ads because I configured it like this, but by using that browser/search engine we are reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere because the profits are for planting trees.


There is an Ecosia Internet browser, but it is presently only for iOS. Ecosia Browser for iOS developers have somewhat mimc’d the Brave Browser for iOS effort, by using:



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That Brave is a cultural neutral zone, is something for Ecosia supporters to upset.

Keep a brave heart, and endure, is my advice.


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I took the inquiry at face value and hopefully provided some helpful information for those interested in this subject matter.

Please, the posts are going way off-topic and may be violating Brave’s ToS. The Brave Community is for help and support on Brave topics. I think discussions about other non-Brave products and services and the pros and cons in relation to Brave’s offerings are valid but the posts are veering heavily towards political discourse which I do not think are helpful, useful, or relevant.


LOL Sheesh, you are incorrigible!!! Stop already!! :shushing_face: I would say this topic was just fine until, uhm, let’s see, starting after post #8? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Recap of pros and cons below. Or at least what I got out of it.

Comparison (Yes - Pos; No - Neg) Brave Ecosia Othr
Energy Usage Compared to Other Browsers Yes Yes (?) No
User Privacy & Security Yes No No
Search Results Better Limited Better

? If Ecosia is an extension only, this increases energy usage. Also, if it is a Firefox fork/reskin, from the Brave article, Brave outperforms Firefox on energy usage.

So to answer your question, brave products including brave search runs on AWS cloud servers and not on their servers.

AWS is already leading in green electricity consumption So, it is better than brave search from ecological point of view is running on AWS rather than their own servers. You will need to ask official brave team to supply you data from

The problem with current Ecosia set-up is that are only able to plant trees when you click on their ads. These ads are actually bing ads as they are bing partners. These ads might have some minor non-privacy attribution protocol. Let’s say you are using brave browser with shields set-up on aggressive, then automatically first party ecosia search ads will be blocked by default.

Also, is this you

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