Brave Data Usage and Monitor

Please can Brave’s Development team work on including a Data usage and monitoring to the browser?

My Brave browser is using a lot of data, as shown in the attached image and I’ve found no way of seeing what exactly is using all of it, whether it’s a specific website or something like that. (Please note that it’s 1 Day’s usage and it’s 30.6GB of data.)

Or please advise on a way for me to check what’s sending/receiving specific amounts of data and where or what it’s being alocated to.

This already exists – simply go to Main menu --> More tools --> Task manager

@Mattches, Are you referring to the memory footprint? I the numbers I am seeing here isn’t close to 30.6 GB… I’m not sure if your way is quite accurate bud.

That 30.6GB of incoming data is from your browser usage.

Watch a Youtube Video in 4k? That’ll be 1 - 2GB. Open Netflix and watch a movie… that’s more bandwidth incoming. etc.

So, is this a feature request? A way for you to monitor bandwidth coming in?
If so, I think that is out of scope right now.


Exactly, so here’s the thing I am pretty sure I didn’t use any data intensive websites today, not even a social media window. No YouTube either, and I never open a YouTube video with anything higher than 720p.

That’s why I would like to see it more in detail to try and see what it was that was exhausting such a large amount of data.

I see.
30GB is quite a lot especially if you don’t think you’ve done much browsing. I can tell you that nothing we download during browser usage (like Adblock lists) is much more than a few MegaBytes.

Brave does not have a feature to monitor traffic across the browser in any detail, third party tools like the one you are using might be your best bet.
Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.